September 2022 Minutes

Herbert Griffin American Legion Post 19 met on September 6th, 2022.   1st Vice Commander Roger Chapman called the meeting to order at 6:40 pm.  There were 28 members present.

 Chaplain Kim Smith offered the opening prayer. 

READING OF THE MINUTES: Adjutant, Steve Metheny read the minutes from August 2nd, 2022, meeting and they were approved as read.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Finance Officer Donny Walters submitted the financial report, and it was made part of these minutes by attachment. 



Baseball Report: Donny Walters reported the Post 19 ball team went to N.C. and lost 2 games.

Veterans Services: Darlene Barker: Not Present

MEMBERSHIP: Adjutant Steve Metheny gave a membership report.  Post 19 membership quota for 2023 is 432, 247 paid, still need 185.  Post stands at 57%.

SICK CALL: Post members on sick call are Don Richardson, Robert P. Norman, Jimmy Hill, William T. Wall,

 Frank McBride, and Wayne Roberts, Jimmy Lee, Archie Steen Jr. and Larry Jones and Larry Watts, Oscar Crouch, Ray Dye and Jimmy Rogers

POST EVERLASTING: Larry Walters had passed away in January 2022 a 53-member, 8/3/22 Raymond Moss a 4-year member, 8/16/2022 Robert Tillis a 25-year member. 

FLAGS FOLDED: 8/8/22 Ryan Pertile, 8/10/2022 Charles Williams, 8/14/22 Leland Anderson, 8/26/2022 Paul Kincaid, Melvin Bennet

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Still time to develop a package for the Living Veterans program that Bob Crigger is heading.  


GOOD FOR THE LEGION: Diane Burgess was awarded the Post 19 Legionnaire of the Year.

American Legion Post 19 Ball Caps are for sale they are $21.00 each.  See Bob Stephenson after the meeting if interested. 

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Legion Riders will be meeting at the Memorial Building the following Monday after the Legion meeting each month at 6:00 pm.  
There being no further business, 1st Vice Commander Roger Chapman adjourned the meeting at 6:57pm.