October 2023 Minutes

Herbert Griffin American Legion Post 19 met on October 3rd, 2023. Commander Roger Chapman called the meeting to order at 6:50pm. There were 32 members present.

Chaplain Kim Smith offered the opening prayer.

READING OF THE MINUTES: Adjutant Steve Metheny read minutes from the September 5th, 2023, meeting and they were approved as read.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Finance Officer Donny Walters submitted the financial report, and it was made part of these minutes by attachment.

NEW MEMBER OR GUEST: Post 19’s baseball coaches Scott Beasley & J.T. Hamilton. Columbia States new baseball coach Desi Ammons.

Guest Speaker: None


Baseball Report: Donny Walters introduced Post 19’s Scott Beasley & J.T. Hamilton and asked them to speak.

Scott Beasley stated that he will be stepping down as the head coach and that J.T. Hamilton will be assuming the position

as the head coach for the Cyclones, he will remain in the background helping J.T. out during the transition and was grateful for

all Post 19 has done for the team. J.T. Hamilton stated that he will continue to teach and hold the values that represents the

American Legion.

Veterans Services: Service Officer Jeff Parks reported that he received a letter from the Veterans Service Office thanking

Post 19 for their donation.

MEMBERSHIP: Adjutant Steven Metheny gave the membership report. Post 19 membership quota for 2024 is 410, 250 have paid, still need 160, the post stands at 61%.

SICK CALL:Post members on sick call are Don Richardson, Robert P. Norman, Jimmy Hill, William T. Wall, Wayne Roberts, Jimmy Lee, Archie Steen Jr. and Larry Jones, Oscar Crouch, Ray Dye and Jimmy Rogers, Bill Ray, George Jones. Charles Dilahay; Past Dept Commander Gary “Rooster” Drennon

POST EVERLASTING: 09/23/2023 72 year member of the American Legion Frank McBride

FLAGS FOLDED: 09/15/2023 Wayne McMasters; 09/22/2023 Marshall Farr; 09/23/2023 Baby Ray Shouse


NEW BUSINESS: An Executive meeting was held on 09/21/2023 the minutes of that meeting were read by Executive Chairman Gene McShane: Discussed were the changes needed to update the Post’s Constitution & Bylaws. Membership Dues; meal costs; the restructuring of the Post finances, and a donation to the Auxiliary.

A motion was made by Eddy Ables to keep Post 19’s annual membership dues for 2024 at $50.00. The motion was

seconded by Gene McShane. No discussion was made. Membership voted unanimously to accept the motion.

A motion was made by Roger Gilliam to give a Donation of $50,000.00 to the Auxiliary. Motion was seconded by Gene

McShane. Discussion was held. Eddie Ables amended the motion for the Post to donate an amount of $15,000 be paid now and the remainder of the $50.000.00 be paid over a 10-month period. Motion was seconded by Roger Gilliam. No discussion on the amended motion. Membership voted unanimously to accept the motion.

A motion was made by Gene McShane that the meal costs be changed from $5.00 to $7:00 to help with the off-set cost to the Post. Motion was seconded by Eddie Ables. Discussion was held with Hal Holcomb made an amended motion to have the cost of each meal to $10.00 beginning January 2024. Amended motion was seconded by Eddie Ables. Membership voted unanimously to accept the motion.

GOOD FOR THE LEGION: 7th District Commander Vincent Cuevas spoke on the importance of the American Legion Basic Training for members and especially for the Elected Officers. The upcoming mid-winter conference in Murfreesboro is to be held January 13th &14th, 2024. He also announced that emails have been hacked and warned everyone to be aware of any emails coming from him asking for money is a scam and do not respond to it. The Oratorical Contest will be held 02/10/2024.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: Alvin C. York VA hospital will be holding the annual carnival starting at 9:00 am this Friday 10/6/2023.

Veterans Day the Elks Lodge will be serving a free breakfast for Veterans beginning at 8:00am.

Maury County will hold its Veterans Day Parade at 11:00 am. A Veterans Day event will be held at the Factory in Columbia with live music and vendors.

Caledonian Financial information indicates that the Post should have available $36,000.00 annual budget for Post 19’s programs.

Legion Riders’ next meeting will be held in the Memorial Building the following Monday after the Legion at 5:00 pm.

There being no further business, Commander Roger Chapman adjourned the meeting at 7:35 pm.