Newsletter July, 2022

Our next regularly scheduled meeting will be held at the Post’s new location 308 W 7th St Columbia (Memorial Building) Tuesday, July 5th at 6:00 pm. Meal will be served for a $5.00 cost.

Jerry Krouk won the small Jackpot of $33.00 and gave it back to the Post

By not being present at the meeting, Roger Goodwin missed out on the opportunity to win the big jackpot of $244.00, James Cook missed out on the half pot of $122.00 by not being present.  The following were not present and missed out on the quarter pot of $61.00  Malcolm Kirby, William Thurman, and Gene Isom

SICK CALL: Post members on sick call are Don Richardson, Robert P. Norman, Jimmy Hill, William T. Wall, Frank McBride. Wayne Roberts, Jimmy Lee, Archie Steen Jr, Larry Jones, Larry Watts., Roger Gilliam, Bob Stephenson, Oscar Crouch

Post 19 Website:
 Encourage other members to view their newsletter on the website.

New Members: None

Need Help: If you can help with Military Honors as a flag folder, contact Donny Walters at (931) 215-5581


Post Everlasting: 5/3/2022 Donald Taylor

FLAGS FOLDED: 5/5/2022 Billy Park, 05/17/2022 Joe Jackson, 05/20/2022 Joe Crabtree, 05/23/2022 Jerry Sullivan Sr. 05/28/2022 Clifford McWilliams

Our Membership: Membership began on July 1st. Dues are $50.00 and can be paid online, by mail or here at the post.  

Comments: Please carry membership applications with you. Try to recruit at least one new member this
year. Tell your friends about Post 19, Squadron 19, and Auxiliary Unit 19, and American Legion Riders. Please encourage veterans and their eligible family members to join the Post 19 American Legion family.

Commander’s Message: A special thanks to everyone that attended the April meeting.Looking forward to seeing you for July 5th, 2022, meeting that will be held at the Memorial Building beginning at 6:00 pm.  Meal will be served.