March 2021 Minutes

Herbert Griffin American Legion Post 19 met on March 2nd, 2021. Commander Terry Locke called the meeting to order at 6:00. There were 32 members present.

Chaplain Eddie Rogers offered the opening prayer.

READING OF THE MINUTES: Adjutant Metheny read the minutes from our February 2nd ,2021 meeting, and approved as read.

FINANCIAL REPORT: Finance Officer Donny Walters submitted the financial report and it was made part of these minutes by attachment.

NEW MEMBERS AND GUESTS: O.C. Davis, retired U.S. A.


Veterans Services: Cory Cummings or Malachais Gaskins were not present

Cub Scout Report: Pam Minnehan reported on February 27th Cub Scouts held their pinewood derby race at the post, with

100% moving forward to the district race. The district race will be held at EA Cox Middle School on March 6th.

HALL MANAGER: Diane Burgessreported the American Red Cross used the hall collecting 28 pints of blood.

MEMBERSHIP: Donny Walters gave the membership report. Our new quota for 2021 is 515 members, 420 have paid.

We still need 95 and we stand at approximately 82%.

Make sure you have paid your dues. They are $50.00 for 2021.

They can be paid either on-line, by mail, or here at the Post. Our new membership year began July 1st.

SICK CALL:Post members on sick call are; Don Richardson, Robert P. Norman, Jimmy Hill, William T. Wall, Bobby Harris, Donald Taylor, Kirby Howell, Frank McBride, and Wayne Roberts, Jimmy Lee, Jack Stanfill, Archie Steen Jr.

POST EVERLASTING: 2/4/21 Michael Lee Herbert, 2/8/21 Daniel Huto (Florida), Eugene Miller passed in 2020

FLAGS FOLDED: 2/5/212 Porter Alexander 2/6/21 Freddy Bray, 2/9/21 Harold Church, 2/16/21 Billy Clark, 2/21/21 Don Orr,

& Jack Sowell Jr., 2/26/21 Melvin Potts & James W. Callen, 2/28/21 Charles Simpson

UNFINISHED BUSINESS: Columbia Mule Day Auction will be held April 9th, 30 $20.00 items are still needed to fill our

obligation. Chaplain Eddie Rogers suggested that a hat be passed around for those who have not brought anything could donate $20.00 at this time. When the hat came back, the Legions obligation was fulfilled.

NEW BUSINESS: Donnie Walters reported that the American Legion Baseball has two teams registered and are ready to play.

Diane Burgess made two motions for the Post to donate $200.00 to the Special Olympics and the Gold Star Mothers, the motions were seconded and passed by members voting.