Auxiliary Minutes August 2021

The Herbert Griffin American Legion Auxiliary met August 3, 2021 at 6:00 PM with 5 officers and 0 members present. The meeting was called to order by President Charlotte Connors and the prayer was given by member Gail Gilliam in the absence of Chaplain Julia Pettus. The Pledge of Allegiance and Preamble were recited by all members. We sang”God Bless America”.

The Program for the month was Leadership as well as Membership. President Charlotte Connors asked that the Unit think of programs that the Unit could do this year. VA&R Chairman Libby Moss reported that she was going to continue with the Quilts of Valor Program that Unit 19 had previously put in place to honor our local Veterans. Thanks Libby for all you do to make this endeavor a huge success.

The Program for next month will be Music and Gold Star.

The minutes prepared by Unit 19 Secretary Gail Gilliam were approved as they appear on the Legion 19 web site. Libby Moss made the motion to accept the minutes, Edie Owston seconded the motion and it was carried on the floor. Paper copies were made and given to those members who do not own computers.

The Financial Report was prepared by Unit 19 Treasurer Libby Moss. Edie made the motion to accept her report, Gail seconded the motion and it carried on the floor. Paper copies were given to members.

 Bills for Presentation:  There were 2 bills for presentation: Gail and President Charlotte turned in their grocery bills for the Legion Riders lunch at the Post on July 24. Libby made the motion to pay President Charlotte and Gail the monies that they spent, Edie Owston seconded the motion and it passed on the floor.


Americanism:  President Charlotte reported her, Gail and volunteer Debi Dodson (Gail Gilliam’s daughter-in-law) spent 3 hours cleaning, sorting and packing up grave flags that were used for the “Field of Flags” display at Rose Hill Cemetery during the Memorial Day weekend.

Gail Gilliam read an article that she received in the mail from “2021 National Survey of Christians”, “America Was Founded and Built on Faith in God”  regarding quotations from 1) John Adams 2) Thomas Jefferson 3) General George Washington 4) James Madison and 5) Benjamin Franklin that all supported this belief in God.

Auxiliary Emergency Fund: $4.00 was collected. Chairman Jane Norton was not present.

Cavalcade of Memories:  Nothing reported.

Chaplain: Nothing reported.

Gail Gilliam reported that Post 19 Eddie Rogers gave Unit 19 his phone number: 931-477-5410, for Grief Support. His card is on the credenza if anyone should need his help.

Children and Youth: Nothing was reported.

Community Service: Joanne Ring reported she had been appointed to the Board of Directors of the Breakfast Rotary Club. Many congratulations Joanne, you will be great in this position. The Rotary Club is involved with many activities that benefit the local Veterans and the Community. Joanne is the Liaison for Unit 19 and she keeps the Unit abreast of activities that we can partner.

Joanne reported there will be a Community October fest coming up to sponsor The Room at the Inn. Unit 19 Treasurer Libby Moss made the motion to donate $500.00, Gail Gilliam seconded her motion and it passed on the floor.

 Harvest Share suggested bringing: tuna and tuna helper, pasta and pasta sauces, romaine noodles and rice and dried pinto beans.

Gail Gilliam reported on the programs that Harvest Share services for Columbia: 1) provide 180 back packs a month to elementary schools that are not helped by churches, etc. 2) every 2nd Thursday from 11:00-12:00 is Senior Day (68+) 3) every 4th Thursday from 11:30-12:30 is Medical Day ( those with a serious long term illness). There are stipulations for these programs. Please call Donna at 931-446-6100 for assistance.

 Constitution and By-Laws: Nothing reported.

Education: Nothing reported.

Finance:  Nothing reported

Girls State: President Charlotte reported Annabelle Hill from Chattanooga was elected Girls Nation President. We Tennesseans are mighty proud!!!

Gold Star: Gail Gilliam reported she had been contacted by Rep. Scott Cepicky’s office and the Gold Star Highway Dedication has been rescheduled to take place on October 6, at 3:30 PM at the Maury County Courthouse Square.

History: Nothing reported.

Junior Activities: Nothing reported.

Leadership: President Charlotte reported: 1) The Legion Riders event at Post 19 went off as planned with only 9 Legionnaires attending (only Mike Connors from Post 19). Lunch was provided by Unit 19 at no charge. The riders were generous to the Unit Poppy can and made donations. They were so very nice. The Unit members volunteering had their picture made in front of the Tank with the riders. 2) The Tennessee ALA Convention attendance was the largest in awhile. 3) The National Convention will be in Phoenix as previously reported. 4) Leadership Meeting will be in Donaldson at Post 88, August 8 with the DEC starting at 9 AM. Members plan to leave the Post at 7:30 AM. Those attending: Charlotte, Libby, Joanne, Edie and Gail.

Legislation:  Nothing reported.

National Security: Nothing reported

Membership: Nothing reported except that Treasurer Libby has begun taking dues renewals.  

Past Presidents Parley: Nothing reported

Poppy: Nothing reported.

Public Relations: Nothing reported.

VA&R: President Charlotte reported there would be no VA Carnival or Christmas Party this year at York Hospital. But as last year the Unit will purchase clothes and fruit to be given out by the VA. More information on this later.

VA&R Chairman Libby asked for QOA applications from the Rotary Club and Libby is keeping in touch with the Vet to Vet that meet at Puckett’s restaurant for applications.

New Business: Nothing reported

Correspondence: Nothing was reported.

Old Business: Nothing reported.

The small pot was won by President Charlotte, $4.00 and donated to the AEF.

The large pot was won by Julia Hanson, not present and next month it will be $35.00.

Gail Gilliam, in the absence of Chaplin Julia Pettus, gave the Prayer for Peace. President Charlotte Connors adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be held September 7, 2021 at 6:00 PM. At the time of these minutes being compiled, dinner at the Post is uncertain. There was mention of food trucks…???

Respectfully Submitted and for God and Country, Gail Gilliam, Unit 19 Secretary.