American Legion
Herbert Griffin Post 19
Columbia, Tennessee
Chili Cook some of you might remember, Post 19 entered the Chili Cook Off for the first time last year.  We had
good enough chili to win the "People's Choice" award.  So....we entered again.
Here's the crew....getting things ready.
Chief Cook Steve Secrest is ready for business and
Robert McAdams is eating one of the 4 bowls of
chili he consumed during the day.  
We had a steady stream of eaters all day
fact, we ran out of chili.  There was a big crowd
and we don't believe that  Robert eating 4 bowls
had anything to do with our shortage of chili.  
Kids played on the 40&8 train all day
long...ringing the bell, blowing the horn,
turning on the lights........all that stuff.  
When it was all said and done, they awarded us a certificate for 2nd
place in "Showmanship"... whatever that is.  All in all, we had a good
time..plenty of people came by and we did a lot of visiting.    
March, 2011 Ham Breakfast..we do this twice a year.  Many folks in the community look
forward to it and while it's a lot of work, it's also a lot of fun.
Serving Line Ready
Serving Line in Action
The Hall is ready...
Also, got to have plenty of coffee
And, of course the Auxiliary has their bake sale...
Memorial Day
Ceremony on the Square
and at the Willis Memorial
Membership Booth
Post 19 members Bob Stephenson and Larry Daum manned our membership booth outside WalMart in
Columbia.   Thanks for the effort.....