The American Legion
Herbert Griffin Post 19
Columbia, Tennessee


                            JULY 2017

Our next regularly scheduled meeting will be Wednesday, July 5th  6:00 p.m.  The meal will be Roasted
chicken, green beans, scalloped potatoes and slaw.

Jackpots: Dick Smith won the small jackpot of $43.80 and Steve Secrest won ¼ of the large $155.00
jackpot for $39.00

Post 19 Website:  Encourage other members to view their newsletter here, on the website. legionpost19.

New Members: Post 19 welcomed new member, George Kerr. George is a member of Post 5 in Nashville
and is transferring his membership to Post 19. George, welcome to our Post!

Post 19 Food Bank: Member Jimmy Lee has started a “food bank” for veterans in need. Please bring non-
perishable goods to the Post. Best time to bring things is on meeting night. Jimmy’s been adding hygiene
supplies to his food collection campaign.

First Aid Training: First aid training will be offered to interested members at a later date. Contact Kim Smith
at (931) 797-7526 if interested in attending.

Comments: Please carry membership applications with you. Try to recruit at least one new member this
year. Tell your friends about Post 19, Squadron 19, and Auxiliary Unit 19, and encourage them to join the
Post 19 American Legion family.

Van Drivers Needed: Diane Burgess is asking for volunteers to drive the VA van. She lost a driver and is
now the only driver. Her mother is elderly and needs close support. Please help by becoming a van driver for
our needy veterans. The van travels to the VA hospitals in Murfreesboro and Nashville. Give Diane a call if
you would like to help. Her number is 931-215-8909.

New Officers: The new officers for 2017-2018 will be sworn in by the new Department Commander at our
July 5th meeting. The first Tuesday falls on the 4th of July and was voted on to be held on July 5th instead
of cancelling the July meeting.
The officers for 2017-2018 are:
Post Commander: Jimmy Lee
First Vice Commander: Darrell Van Dusen
Second Vice Commander: Roger Gilliam
Third Vice Commander: Abe Preznik
Adjutant: Bob Stephenson
Finance Officer: Donny Walters
Judge Advocate: Calvin Cheek
Service Officer: James Patterson
Sgt. at Arms (2): Diane Burgess & Steve Metheny
Chaplain: Ray Dye
Historian: Bob Stephenson

Commander’s Message: When beginning this year as your Commander, the year seemed very long and
unachievable, but now facing the last meeting in July, it seems very short. In my life I have been privileged to
serve in several leadership positions but none have exceeded the satisfaction I have for this service to the
Herbert Griffin Post 19.   I want to offer a special thanks to the officers who fulfilled their roles during this
past year.  Without you and your work and dedication, we could not have functioned.  
We approved a great group to lead the Post next year last night. With your continued support and
assistance, we can continue to our work in supporting the 4 pillars of Americanism, Support for our Veterans,
Boys and Girls Projects, and advocates of a strong American Defense. Thank you for what you do for the
American Legion and the United State of America.  
Commander Charles Sanders

Sick Call: Post members on sick call are; Don Richardson, Donald Cooper, James Parrish, Fred Brown,
Robert P. Norman, Robert Adair, Jimmy Hill, Paul Carpenter, Hal Morgan, Delores Brown, Larry Hann,
William T. Wall, Michael Lampley, Charles (Dewey) Skellington, Neil Jones, Earl Pettus, James Frazier,
Horace Burrow, John Hamilton, Steve Konz and Joe Foster.