The American Legion
Herbert Griffin Post 19
Columbia, Tennessee


                             Minutes from the JUNE 2017 Meeting

Herbert Griffin American Legion Post 19 met on June 6th 2017. After the opening ceremonies, Commander Charles Sanders called
the meeting to order at 6:40pm. There were 47 members present.

Before the meeting members of the Daughters of the American Revolution presented Vietnam veterans with a certificate and pin to
honor their service during the Vietnam war.

Also: The Knights of Columbus Fourth Degree presented a check for $500.00 to the Daughters of the American Revolution to help
them in their efforts to support veterans.

READING OF THE MINUTES: Adjutant Stephenson read the minutes from the May 2017 meeting and they were approved as

FINANCIAL REPORT: Finance Officer Donny Walters presented the financial report and it was made part of these minutes by

NEW MEMBERS AND GUESTS:  The Post welcomed new member, George Kerr to the Post from Post 5 in Nashville and also
welcomed guests: Jay and Eleanor White.

                                                         COMMITTEE REPORTS

BASEBALL: Donny Walters reported that the senior’s first game of the season was being played during our meeting. He also
provided a web site to access their progress. That web site will be displayed at the July 5th meeting.

FLAG FOLDING: Robert McAdams reported that Military Honors were provided for 10 veterans in May.

Chaplain’s Report: Chaplain Ray Dye, reported on activities that he was involved in during the month of May.

HOUSE COMMITTEE: Kim Smith provided the following report of activities scheduled at the Legion for June.

June 9th. Merchants of Cool
June 15th. Hall rented for SMTAR Banquet
June 22nd. Red Cross Blood Mobile
June 23rd, 24th, and 25th, Department Convention in Murfreesboro
June 24th. Hall rented for an auction
And noted that the July meeting would be held on July 5th.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership Chairman, John Hamilton reported that Post 19 has 599 members, 565 have paid. We need 34 to
meet our goal and stand at approximately 94.32%. These figures being reported are based on our unofficial records, not as shown
by the Department whose records take time to catch up.

VETERAN SERVICES: Veteran’s Service Officer, James Patterson’s report contained details of activities he was involved in as
Maury County’s Veteran’s Service Officer. He reported that 1013 veterans/ spouses/ or children of veterans were assisted in some
way during the month of May. Those details are now being stored in the minutes log along with the financial report.

SICK CALL: Post members on sick call are; Don Richardson, Donald Cooper, James Parrish, Fred Brown, Robert P. Norman,
Robert Adair, Jimmy Hill, Paul Carpenter, Hal Morgan, Delores Brown, Larry Hann, William T. Wall, Michael Lampley, Charles
(Dewey) Skellington, Earl Pettus, James Frazier, Horace Burrow, John Hamilton, and Joe Foster.

POST EVERLASTING: We lost Ronald E. Copeland in May.

The 2017-2018 second reading of nominees to hold offices in Post 19, was announced to the membership and opened to the floor
for any additional recommendations. There were no contested offices. The nominees are:
Commander: Jimmy Lee
First Vice Commander: Darrell Van Dusen
Second Vice Commander: Roger Gilliam
Third Vice Commander: Abe Preznik
Adjutant: Bob Stephenson
Finance Officer: Donny Walters
Chaplain: Ray Dye
Historian: Bob Stephenson
House Committee: Kim Smith ( Chairman House Committee: Charles Sanders)
Sgt-at Arms: Diane Burgess/ Steve Metheny
Service Officer: James Patterson
Judge Advocate: Calvin Cheek

Ashley Brown made a motion to elect these members to their offices by acclimation. The motion was seconded and passed.
They will be sworn into office at our July 5th meeting.


GOOD FOR THE LEGION: Kim Smith asked for help with mowing the grounds. At least two volunteers offered to assist Kim.
James Patterson announced that Mt. Pleasant was hosting a Flag Day event on the square at 5:00 on Wednesday the 14th.
No plans were in place to host a Flag Day event at Post 19.

Post 19 hosted a “Pride Day” on Saturday may 13th. 5 people showed up. We cancelled “Pride Day” and the 5 of us went to      
breakfast at Shoney’s and then went home. No improvements were made to the Post.
Bob Stephenson announced that the Sons of the American held a meeting on Friday May 19th. Due to the poor showing, from
here forward, if a member of the Sons wants to schedule a meeting, he will have to initiate the request.

CORRESPONDENCE: Adjutant Stephenson displayed the phone number to be called to make sure that member information is
correct for the American Legion Department publication “Then and Now”. $10.00 from each sale of the publication, “Then and
Now” goes to the department.

There being no further business, Commander Sanders adjourned the meeting at 7:35 pm.
Post 19 Executive Committee

The Post 19 Executive Committee met on November 16, 2015. The following members were present; Tom Dubois, Roger Gilliam, Donny
Walters, Richard Davis, Earl Pettus, Bob Stephenson, Gary Fisher, Charles Sanders, and James Patterson.

Past Commander Gary Fisher called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

Item 1: Regarding the possibility of relocating Post 19, the committee reviewed a draft listing agreement. The motion was made by James
Patterson that the Commander and Judge Advocate be the signees of the agreement if implemented. The motion was 2nd and passed.

Item 2: Roger Gilliam provided a PowerPoint presentation that explains the logic behind selling the Post 19 property. Tom Dubois moved
that the presentation be given at the December meeting and a vote of the members present be taken to determine if we should move
forward with this effort. The motion was 2nd and passed.

Item 3: Tom Dubois introduced Brian Sullivan, Executive Director of the Duck River District of the Boy Scouts. Mr. Sullivan asked Post 19
to sponsor a Cub Scout pack at a cost of $40.00 per year. The Post will be the meeting place and someone will have to be available to
provide access for the meetings. Tom moved that the sponsorship be brought before the membership for approval. It was 2nd and

Item 4: Roger Gilliam reported that he had been unable to find anyone willing to look at repairing the leaks in the club roof.

Item 5: Roger Gilliam reminded the committee of the need to schedule a work day to add dirt to the outside foundation area behind the
storeroom to solve the leaking problem. No date was set.

Item 6: It was suggested that a list of specific requirements be provided to the Post Manager to insure the Post building is clean and
equipment is properly stored.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Roger Gilliam, Post 19 Adjutant.