The American Legion
Herbert Griffin Post 19
Columbia, Tennessee


                                  Minutes from the SEPTEMBER 2018 Meeting

Herbert Griffin American Legion Post 19 met on September 4th 2018. After the opening ceremonies, Commander Darrell Van
Dusen called the meeting to order at 6:33pm. There were 40 members present.

READING OF THE MINUTES: Adjutant Stephenson read the minutes from the August 2018 meeting.

Finance Officer Donny Walters presented the financial report and it was made part of these minutes by

NEW MEMBERS AND GUESTS:  We had 3 guests or new members.

                                                          COMMITTEE REPORTS

BASEBALL: Donny Walters stated that our team won 2 and lost 2 and were eliminated from the finals. No more baseball reports
until next spring.

FLAG FOLDING: Robert McAdams reported that Military Honors were provided for
8 veterans in August. Charles Thompson, Darrell Lee Huskey, Harold Agent, Winston Douglas Vaughn, Wallace Willoughby,
Jimmy Jones Hentrix, Frank Marchant, and Wayne Hickman.

HOUSE COMMITTEE: Kim Smith provided the following report of activities scheduled at the Legion for August
September 4th        
                    Legion meeting
September 5th         
                   Club rented
September 10th  
                        Legion Riders meeting
September 24th  
                        Trip to Alvin C York
September 27th          
                Blood Mobile
September 29th
                         Remembering WWII Linden TN.

MEMBERSHIP: Membership Chairman, John Hamilton reported that Post 19 has a quota of 580 members, 324 have paid. We
need 256 to meet our goal and stand at approximately 56%. Many of the paid members are Paid Up For Life Members. That
means that we show better than our actual performance. We need to pay our dues, they can be paid either on-line, by mail, or here
at the Post.

VETERAN SERVICES: Veteran’s Service Officer, James Patterson’s report contained details of activities he was involved in as
Maury County’s Veteran’s Service Officer. He reported that 927 veterans/ spouses/ or children of veterans were assisted in some
way during the month of August. Requests were filed for two (2) military grave markers. They assisted 12 veterans and their
families with food, assisted 2 veterans and their families with part of their utilities. Bought gas for 2 veterans, and assisted 2
veterans with finding a place for them to stay. Those and other details about how the Veterans Services Office of Maury County is
assisting veterans is being stored in the minutes log along with the financial report.

SICK CALL: Post members on sick call are; Don Richardson, Ray Dye, James Parrish, Robert P. Norman, Jimmy Hill, Paul
Carpenter, Larry Hann, William T. Wall, Charles (Dewey) Skellington, J.B. Napier, Bobby Harris, Billy Stanfill, and Frank McBride.



The new officers for Post 19 for the 2018-2019 year are posted on the board near the back entrance.


A motion was made, seconded and passed to donate $250.00 to the Special Olympics
A motion was made, seconded and passed to donate $250.00 to the Columbia Fire Fighters Association
A motion was made, seconded and passed to donate $100.00 to Project Healing Waters
Chaplain Rogers suggested that we honor a veteran and his or her family at all future meetings. A motion was made, seconded,
and passed to host a veteran and his/her family at each of our future monthly meetings.

Cub Scout Pack 114 presented us with a framed Certificate of Merit.
The September 29th Linden WWII reenactment was announced.
The Voluntary Service Patient Carnival will be held at the Alvin C. York VA Medical Center on October 5th.
The Legion Riders were notified about the Project Healing Waters event and Ride that would originate at Bumpus Harley Davidson
in Murfreesboro on September 15th.
The 7th District meeting will be held here at Post 19 on Saturday, October 27th at 6:00pm. The meal will be $10.00
The Executive Committee met and will be looking for a Hall Rental Coordinator. This will be announced again at future meetings
until we fill the position.
The total donations for the Alvin C. York foundation were a $500.00 donation from the post, and passing the hat raised another
$348.00 for a total of $848.00

GOOD FOR THE LEGION: Eddie Ables asked the Post to host a preliminary auction on the Thursday before Mule Day 2019.
We, being Post 19 members, are being asked to donate 100 items for this event. The items should be valued at $20.00 or more.
Proceeds would go to Post 19 and the Columbia Breakfast Rotary Club. Roger Gilliam is the contact for donations of the items to
be auctioned. Please help support this project. It will be a good fundraiser for the Post if we help to make it a success.

CORRESPONDENCE: Adjutant Bob Stephenson read a thank you card from Robert and Barbara McAdams thanking Post 19
members for their support concerning the passing of their son, John. Bob also read a thank you card from Kathy Weiss for the
Military Honors that were provided for her father.
The Sons of the American Legion Detachment of Tennessee was presented with a Certificate of Recognition for exceeding the
$1.00 per-capita donations to the Child Welfare Foundation at the National Convention.

There being no further business, Commander Van Dusen adjourned the meeting at 7:35 pm.
Post 19 Executive Committee

The Post 19 Executive Committee met on November 16, 2015. The following members were present; Tom Dubois, Roger Gilliam, Donny
Walters, Richard Davis, Earl Pettus, Bob Stephenson, Gary Fisher, Charles Sanders, and James Patterson.

Past Commander Gary Fisher called the meeting to order at 6:00 PM.

Item 1: Regarding the possibility of relocating Post 19, the committee reviewed a draft listing agreement. The motion was made by James
Patterson that the Commander and Judge Advocate be the signees of the agreement if implemented. The motion was 2nd and passed.

Item 2: Roger Gilliam provided a PowerPoint presentation that explains the logic behind selling the Post 19 property. Tom Dubois moved
that the presentation be given at the December meeting and a vote of the members present be taken to determine if we should move
forward with this effort. The motion was 2nd and passed.

Item 3: Tom Dubois introduced Brian Sullivan, Executive Director of the Duck River District of the Boy Scouts. Mr. Sullivan asked Post 19
to sponsor a Cub Scout pack at a cost of $40.00 per year. The Post will be the meeting place and someone will have to be available to
provide access for the meetings. Tom moved that the sponsorship be brought before the membership for approval. It was 2nd and

Item 4: Roger Gilliam reported that he had been unable to find anyone willing to look at repairing the leaks in the club roof.

Item 5: Roger Gilliam reminded the committee of the need to schedule a work day to add dirt to the outside foundation area behind the
storeroom to solve the leaking problem. No date was set.

Item 6: It was suggested that a list of specific requirements be provided to the Post Manager to insure the Post building is clean and
equipment is properly stored.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 7:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Roger Gilliam, Post 19 Adjutant.