American Legion Auxiliary
Herbert Griffin Unit 19
Columbia, Tennessee
Auxiliary Minutes

The minutes of each Auxiliary meeting will be posted to this web site when available.  This will enable those members unable to
attend the meetings to stay current with Unit 19 activities.

                                                      ALA Minutes from JANUARY 2018

The Herbert Griffin American Legion Auxiliary met January 2, 2018 at 6:30 PM with 8 officers and 8 members present. President
Pam Brown called the meeting to order, prayer was given by Chaplain Josephine Dye. The Pledge of Allegiance and Preamble were
recited by all members. We did not sing.

The minutes were not approved as Secretary Gail Gilliam was absent due to sickness.

A motion was made by Barbara McAdams and seconded by Edie Owston to except the financial report prepared by Unit 19
Treasurer, Libby Moss, with paper copies, and was unanimously carried on the floor.

The Unit 19 Charter was draped for deceased member Anne Ammons. This was performed in a very dignified and honorable
manner by President Pam Brown and Chaplin Josephine Dye.

Bills for Presentation: There were no bills for presentation.

Program: The program this month was to be presented by the Legislation Chair and the National Security Chair. There was no
program as Legislative Chair Gail Gilliam was absent due to sickness.


 Chairman Betty Smith had nothing to report at this time except that she had sent in her Mid-Winter report.

Auxiliary Emergency Fund: In the absence of Chair Genna Servant, $22.00 was collected by Debbie Howell.

Cavalcade of Memories: Chairman Barbara McAdams had nothing to report at this time.

Chaplain: Chaplain Josephine Dye sent 3 cards: 1 Thinking of You to Barbara McAdams and also gave her a call, 1 Get well Card
to Gail Gilliam and 1 Sympathy card to the family of deceased member, Anne Ammons.

Chaplain Jo’s phone number: 615-975-7235 and email: Members please contact her when she needs to
send cards as she does not take the local paper and Jo is still learning our member’s names.

Children and Youth: Chairman Connie Green was absent due to sickness but Libby Moss gave her report: Concerning the
Compass Party that Chair Connie wanted the Unit to participate, Chelsea Craig volunteered to bake brownies and Libby Moss
volunteered to provide salad and salad dressing. The party was to feed 40 people and 6 members of Unit 19 volunteered to serve
and clean up. If Maury County schools are to close, due to the predicted snow storm, the party will be postponed until Tuesday Jan.

Community Service: Chairman Barbara McAdams reported that she had nothing to report at this time but she did pass around a
sheet for members to report their Community Service during the month of December.

Constitution and By-Laws: Chairs Libby Moss and Barbara McAdams announced, there will be a meeting in February to work on
any changes in the Unit’s By-Laws.

Education: Chair Pam reminded members to bring their 10 for 10 items next month for Education so that she may deliver those to
the needy schools.

Finance: Chair Jane reported that there will be the March Bake Sale as historically scheduled along with Post 19 Ham Breakfast, a
Spaghetti Supper on March 16 and the 7th District Dinner Meeting for the American Legion will be held at Post 19 with Unit 19
providing the supper. Chair Jane asked that all members mark their calendars and be prepared to help.

Girls State: Chairman Joanne Ring reported that she had sent letters to all Maury County Schools concerning interviews for VGS.
These will begin in February. Chair Joanne also reported that she had mailed letters to civic clubs for help with VGS tuition.

Gold Star: Chairman Julia Pettus reported that she had sent 1 Get Well card this month.

History: Chairman Joanne Ring had nothing to report at this time.

Legislation: Chairman Gail Gilliam was absent due to sickness.

National Security: Chairman Anita Jo Foster reported that the Unit had sent coupons in the amount of $44, 883.84 to South Korea
and Spain.

Also, Chair Anita Jo reported that she had donated 6 hours to the Red Cross Bloodmobile at Post 19 on Dec. 28.Chair Anita
reported and thanked members Julia Pettus and
Betty Smith for donating cookies for the blood drive.

Chair Anita asked that any members who were aware of deployed military to inform her so the Unit can send care packages.

Leadership: President Pam Brown led the discussion on the Unit 19 Scrapbook. Debbie Howell reported that this year she would
not be able to help as she has in the past. Debbie, you will be greatly missed as you are a major player in getting the Unit Scrapbook
created and completed. Maybe more members can step up and help the remaining few that are left to work on the Scrapbook.

Membership:  Chairman Libby Moss reported that the Unit Membership is at 60% paid up.

Presidents Past Parley: Chair Jane had nothing to report at this time.

Poppy: Chair Connie was absent due to sickness.

Public Relations: Chairman Barbara McAdams reported that a picture had been taken of members delivering poinsettias to Maury
County VA Service Officer, James Paterson, but as of this time it has not be published in the Herald.

VA&R: Chairman Libby Moss thanked everyone who helped with the VA Christmas Party at York Hospital. There was $6000.00 of
donations and gifts that were donated to the Veterans that day.

Correspondence: Secretary Gail was absent due to sickness.

Old Business: None reported

New Business: The business of members attending the Mid-Winter Conference was addressed and those that were going to
participate were counted: President Pam Brown, Anita Jo Foster, Betty Smith, Josephine Dye and Edie Owston will attend.
Treasurer Libby Moss would be responsible for sending monies into the Dept. for theses members.

The small pot was won by Jane Norton, $3.40 and donated to Volunteer Girls State.

The large pot was missed by a Unit 19 member that was not present.

The large pot will be $100.00 next month. Ladies, if you want to win, you have to be present.

Chaplain Jo Dye gave the Prayer for Peace.

President, Pam Brown adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be held, February 6, 2018 at 6:30PM following dinner at 6:00

Respectfully Submitted and for God and Country, Gail Gilliam, Unit 19 Secretary