American Legion Auxiliary
Herbert Griffin Unit 19
Columbia, Tennessee
Auxiliary Minutes

The minutes of each Auxiliary meeting will be posted to this web site when available.  This will enable those members unable to
attend the meetings to stay current with Unit 19 activities.

                                   ALA Minutes from JUNE 2017

The Herbert Griffin American Legion Auxiliary met June 5, 2017 at 6:30 PM with 8 officers and 5 members present and 1 guest,
Eleanor White. President Jane Norton called the meeting to order, prayer was given by Chaplain Josephine Dye. The Pledge of
Allegiance and Preamble were recited by all members. The unit sang: “Little Is Much When GOD Is In It.”

A motion was made by Edie Owston and seconded by Anita Jo Foster and unanimously carried on the floor to accept the minutes of
the previous meeting, prepared by Secretary Gail Gilliam, as posted on the Post 19 web site. Several copies were made and given
to those who do not have computers.

A motion was made by Judy Morton and seconded by Josephine Dye to except the financial report prepared by Treasurer Libby
Moss with paper copies, and was unanimously carried on the floor.

Bills for Presentation: There was 1 bill for presentation: President Jane Norton for $19.69 to purchase roses presented to newly
installed officers. A motion was made by Josephine Dye and seconded by Betty Smith and unanimously carried on the floor to pay

Program: This month was Installation of Officers, and this was performed by Post 19, James Patterson.


Americanism:  Chairman Betty Smith reported on flag placement at local cemeteries: 873 flags were placed.
Rose Hill: 778
Sunset Hill: 12
Theta: 11
Jamison: 3
Lasting Hope: 24
Knob Creek: 45
Chain Betty reported that Friendship Cemetery in Culleoka, exchanged 40 flags, Wilkes Cemetery in Culleoka asked for 20
additional flags.

Chair Betty reported that on, May 23, 18 people met at Rose Hill, 8 auxiliary members and 10 Post members. On June 1, 6 people
met at Rose Hill to take up flags, 2 auxiliary members and 4 Post members.

Chair Betty reported of “Placing Coins on Veteran’s Graves in Memoriam”, as many coins were found on Veteran’s Graves. The
members found this to be very interesting.

Josephine Dye had a suggestion for placement of flags at Rose Hill next year.  Her idea was to place a field of flags in the ‘green
space’ at the entrance to Rose Hill Cemetery, since it is getting more difficult for members to walk on unsteady ground. After positive
discussion, it was decided to table this suggestion for further consideration.

Barbara McAdams suggested that the Unit purchase more flags for next year’s placement.

uxiliary Emergency Fund: In the absence of Chair Genna Servant, Debbie Howell collected $10.00.

Cavalcade of Memories: Chairman Barbara McAdams had no report at this time.

Chaplain: Chaplain Josephine Dye sent a sympathy card to Betsy Davis, whose bother passed away. Chaplin Jo sent a ‘thinking of
you’ card to, Suzanne Goolsby, whose father passed.

Chaplin Jo reminded members that today was D-Day. Thanks Jo.

Chaplain Jo’s phone number: 615-975-7235 and email: Members please contact her when she needs to
send cards as she does not take the local paper and Jo is still learning our member’s names.

Children and Youth: Chairman Barbara Crawford was absent.

Community Service: Chairman Gail Gilliam reported that she had nothing to report at this time except that placement of flags for
Memorial Day was a was way for the Unit to serve the Community and she thanked all who volunteered.

Constitution and By-Laws: Chairman Connie Green had nothing to report at this time.

Education: Chairman Gail Gilliam reported after speaking with Treasurer Libby Moss, that Unit 19 has funds for awarding more
scholarships at Columbia State Community College.  Chairman Gail would like to call Columbia State and make arrangements for
more applicants. There was positive discussion among Unit members to proceed with additional scholarships.

Girls State: Chairman Joanne Ring thanked everyone for helping her with Girls State. Chair Jo reported that one girl from Zion
Christian Academy backed out, but one girl from Mount Pleasant High School was able to take her place.
Unit 19 junior member Karsyn McCandless had a very enjoyable time, as reported by Julia Pettus.

Co-Chair Debbie Howell reported a very successful VGS Tea, 13 citizens and 2 alternates were present with Brianne Jones, former
VGS citizen, as one of the speakers. Co-Chair Debbie thanked all members who came and helped with the Tea.
Unit members attending VGS Luncheon at David Libscomb University were Libby Moss, Pam Brown, Anita Jo Foster, Gail Gilliam,
and all enjoyed the event.

Gold Star: Chairman Lynn D’Amoto was absent.

History: Chairman Barbara McAdams had nothing to report at this time.

Finance: Chairman Pam Brown reported on, July 15th, Saturday, the Unit will host the 7th District Meeting for American Legion. The
menu will consist of: Ham Steak, Green Beans, Potato Salad, Rolls, and Dessert. All Unit 19 members will be expected to help,
Friday and Saturday. More information will come later.   

Junior Activities: Chairman Josephine Dye had nothing to report at this time.

National Security: Chairman Anita Jo Foster reported that she had sent coupons in the amount of $17,948.96 to South Korea and
$15,059.00 to Germany. Chainman Anita explained our coupon process to our visitor.

Leadership: President Jane Norton reported that by Wednesday, June 5, a list of delegates must be sent in to Department in order
for Unit 19 members to vote. President Jane reported the Chinese Auction gift is ready to go. Barbara McAdams (the acting
Treasurer) is the person of contact for all payments for attending the conference.

President Jane reported that as of now, we have no Historian, Joanne Ring volunteered. Thank you, Joanne!

Legislation: Chairman Sue Stephenson was absent.

Membership: In Chairman Libby Moss’ absence, Barbara McAdams reported the Unit is 93%.

Presidents Past Parley: Chair Betty had nothing to report.

Poppy: Chairman Connie Green reported donations received as of, May 26 & 27:

Kroger-James Campbell on Friday, $509.82
            James Campbell on Saturday $620.00
Kroger-Nashville Highway on Friday $486.00
            Nashville Highway on Saturday $874.00
Kroger-Port Royal on Saturday $529.37
Walmart on Friday $509.82
                On Saturday $805.62
Steve Konz $1856.00
Mule Day breakfast and Poppy Queen $45.00
Total Donations: $6,505.81

Registration with the Maury County Bridal and Saddle Club was taken care of to ride in the Mule Day Parade. Steve, Lori, and
Charlotte Napier, Libby Moss and Chair Connie decorated the 40 & 8 Train. Charlotte attended the breakfast that morning, on
Memorial Day; she attended the services downtown and at the Polk Gardens. She was also present to mark Graves, at Rose Hill
Cemetery. A permit was obtained from the Mayor’s Office to hand out Poppies. Steve and Charlotte acquired the Proclamation
signed by the Mayor and a picture was made with an article and sent to the Daily Herald.

Thank You notes were sent to store managers. Poppy Queen visited every site and worked for 10 hours with her parents working
over 18 hours.

Chair Connie offered several suggestions for making next year’s Poppy Days more successful.

1.        More volunteers
2.        Girls State and Boys State assistance
3.        Community Service hours acquired by Poppy volunteering
4.        Boy and Girls Scout assistance
5.        Extending Memorial Day Weekend, to include the whole week (since so many people go out of town)
6.        Include a shift of 3-6pm, as much as possible, as this is the busiest time of store hours.
Public Relations: Chairman Julia Pettus had no report at this time.

VA&R: Chairman Libby Moss was absent. Debbie Howell reported that Diane Burgess, working with the VA Clinic, needs
volunteers to drive Veterans to the VA Hospitals. Diane can be reached at the following number: 931-215-8909.
Josephine Dye reported that when she took Ray to the VA Hospital in Murfreesboro she was treated very well at the Fisher House.

Correspondence: Secretary Gail read 2 pieces of correspondence: 1 from Morning Point concerning Audrey Morgan (She is doing
well and was involved in a ‘stuffing’ of Easter egg activity) and a Thank You Note to Unit 19 from Georgia Claire Varble from
Hampshire Unit School for the Americanism Medal that Unit 19 provided.

Old Business: None reported

New Business: Joanne Ring reported that there will be a July Fourth Parade at 9:00 Am., downtown Columbia and activities for
children at Pillow Park. A short program will be held at the Farmer’s Market. The children will parade around the River Walk.
Decorating will be, July 3 with Unit 19 members assisting.

On June 14, Flag Day, at 5:00pm, there will be a ceremony in Mount Pleasant.

Anita Jo Foster reported that, Dustin Hickman, Nikki Hickman’s son has been deployed to the Mediterranean.

The small pot was won by Anita Jo Foster and the donation of $2.25 went to Child Welfare.

The large pot was missed by Barbara Crawford, not present.

The large pot will be $100.00 next month. Ladies, if you want to win, you have to be present.

Gifts were presented to out-going President Jane Norton for serving faithfully.

Chaplain Jo Dye gave the Prayer for Peace.

Newly elected President, Pam Brown adjourned the meeting.

The next meeting will be held, July 5 (WEDNESDAY), 2017 at 6:30PM following dinner at 6:00 PM.

Respectfully Submitted and for God and Country, Gail Gilliam, Unit 19 Secretary