American Legion Auxiliary
Herbert Griffin Unit 19
Columbia, Tennessee
Auxiliary Minutes

The minutes of each Auxiliary meeting will be posted to this web site when available.  This will enable those members unable to
attend the meetings to stay current with Unit 19 activities.

                                                         ALA Minutes from OCTOBER 2017

The Herbert Griffin American Legion Auxiliary met October 3, 2017 at 6:30 PM with 9 officers and 9 members present. President
Pam Brown called the meeting to order, prayer was given by Chaplain Josephine Dye. The Pledge of Allegiance and Preamble were
recited by all members. We did not sing.

The Unit 19 Charter was draped for past member: Lana Doughtery by President Pam Brown and Chaplain Josephine Dye in an
honorable and dignified manner.

A motion was made by Edie Owston and seconded by Jane Norton and unanimously carried on the floor to accept the minutes
prepared by Unit 19 Secretary, Gail Gilliam, and posted on the Post 19 website. Several Copies were made for those members that
do not have computers.

A motion was made by Josephine Dye and seconded by Anita Jo Foster to except the financial report prepared by Unit 19
Treasurer, Libby Moss, with paper copies, and was unanimously carried on the floor.
Bills for Presentation: There were no bills for presentation.

Program: The program was on Education this month and President Pam Brown, also Chair of the Education Program, reported that
the name of the Unit 19 Scholarship will be properly changed, taking out the word “Ladies” as is appropriate, according to the
National ALA By-Laws. This was made into a motion by Barbara McAdams and Seconded by Libby Moss and carried unanimously
on the floor. Another matter of importance was the increasing of the Mayhon Foster Scholarship to $500.00.

At this time President Pam gave her Leadership report stating that there would be a 7th District American Legion Meeting on
Tuesday, November 14 at 6PM at Loretta Post 146. Also Chair Pam reported there would be a 7 District Divisional Auxiliary Meeting
with luncheon on October 21 at 11AM at Inglewood Post 82. Luncheon will cost $10.00 and the Unit will take a $10.00 door prize.
Those attending: Pam Brown, Libby Moss, Barbara McAdams, Connie Green, Edie Owston, Josephine Dye, Betty Smith and Anita
Jo Foster. Members will meet at the Post at 9:30 AM to caravan.

The Mid-Winter Conference will be held in February with the emphasis on “Branding Outfits”. More information will be reported later.  
Chair Pam also reported our Unit would host a Middle Tennessee Divisional Meeting in April. More information will be reported later.


 Chairman Betty Smith reported on the Freedom Walk as being smaller in numbers than last year but still a good
group. Some of the attendees were: Spring Hill ROTC, Central High School JROTC and the Civil Air Patrol who all offered a very
nice presence.

Unfortunately the evening did bring rain and kept the traditional walk from occurring. One Unit 19 member persevered and walked
anyway, Joanne Ring. What spirit, way to go Joanne.

Auxiliary Emergency Fund: In the absence of Chair Genna Servant, $38.01 was collected by Debbie Howell.

Cavalcade of Memories: Chairman Barbara McAdams reported that she was working on the current Unit 19 files. Chair Barbara
also asked for members that are not receiving her email updates to please give her their email address; this is a great way to be
kept abreast of all Unit 19 news and pertinent information. Thanks Barbara so much for keeping all of us at Unit 19 informed.

Chaplain: Chaplain Josephine Dye reported that she had sent Thinking of You and Sympathy cards to the Lana Doughtery family,
Thinking of You card to Joanne Ring after the scary robbery at the bank where she works and a Thinking of You card to Charles
Sanders whose son is very sick.

Chaplain Jo’s phone number: 615-975-7235 and email: Members please contact her when she needs to
send cards as she does not take the local paper and Jo is still learning our member’s names.
Chaplain Jo reported that the Governor’s wife, Cindy Haslam, has requested the Department ALA make patriotic Christmas
ornaments for the official Governor’s Mansion Tree. The date for mailing these in is November 3. Chair Jo has already made a
Children and Youth:
Chairman Connie Green presented a detailed report of the various things that Unit 19 could support in the
area of C/Y. One of the concerns was that there were approximately 152 homeless students in Maury County.

Attached to these minutes is a list of things that need addressing. Thank you Connie, for providing this awareness and this list to the

Chair Connie reinstated the need for these items.

Community Service: Chairman Barbara McAdams reported the Unit has been collecting canned food for Harvest Share and she
will be taking these items on October 27, “Make a Difference Day”, meeting at the Post at 10:30AM, if members would like to go with
her. Also Chair Barbara has asked that everyone that attends the Spaghetti Supper please bring a canned item or nonperishable
item to be included in this Community Service effort.

Constitution and By-Laws: Libby Moss and Barbara McAdams announced that they will be co-chairing the Constitution and By-
Laws. Thank you ladies, for stepping up to this important Chair. It was announced that there will be a meeting in February to work on
any changes in the Unit’s By-Laws.

Education: Chair Pam gave her report after the program. But at this time, she did ask the members to be thinking about the 10 for
10 programs that the Unit will be participating in after Christmas.

Girls State: Chairman Debbie Howell reported that the VGS dues will increase to $400.00. There was discussion on how to attract
more folks or businesses that are willing to fund this worthy program.

old Star: Chairman Julia Pettus reported that she had sent one Birthday card and that was to Irene Bartusiak.
History: Chairman Joanne Ring was absent.

Finance: Chairman Jane Norton reported on the basket that the Unit would sell tickets for at the Spaghetti Supper. The items should
replicate a Thanksgiving Meal.

Also Chair Jane reminded everyone about the Ham Breakfast and the Bake Sale coming up.

Legislation: Chairman Gail Gilliam reported an article appearing in the Daily Herald newspaper about the Veterans Choice
Program, a new program that would allow Veterans to choose their own doctor outside of the VA. The House has passed the vote
and the Senate is expected to approve it quickly.

Chair Gail also shared with members that it had been published that the American Legion was outraged by the NFL “taking a knee”
during the playing of the National Anthem and the recognition of the American Flag.

Lastly Chair Gail reported that President Trump had announced the flying of the American Flag at half mast because of the tragedies
of the resent hurricanes.

National Security: Chairman Anita Jo Foster reported that the Unit had sent coupons in the amount of $43,032.58 to Japan and
Germany. Chair Anita also reported sending 2 boxes of these coupons costing the Unit $30.95. After good discussion, the Unit
decided it would be best to only send 1 box of coupons each month. Chair Anita explained the sending of coupons to new members

Chair Anita asked that any members who were aware of deployed military to inform her so the Unit can send care packages.
Leadership: President Pam Brown gave her report at the time of the Program when she spoke on Education.
Membership:  Chairman Libby Moss reported the Unit goal is 250; the Unit is at 37% and 93 members having paid as of this time.
Chair Libby reported those, 2-3 days ago, notices were sent out to members not paid.

As National has informed that dues will be going up next year, Barbara McAdams made the motion and Josephine Dye seconded to
increase the Unit dues by $5.00. So senior dues will become: $30.00, and junior dues, $10.00. This was carried on the floor

Presidents Past Parley: Chair Jane had nothing to report.

Poppy: Treasurer Libby had received the invoice for ordering next year’s poppies. After good discussion it was decided that the
Unit should order 100 more poppies that last year. Josephine Dye made the motion to buy 100 more, at $918.00, Edie Owston
seconded the motion and it carried on the floor.

Public Relations: Chairman Barbara McAdams reported problems regarding the Daily Herald getting the Unit articles published.
Chair Barbara shared several stories that were not pleasant to hear.

Chair Barbara informed the Unit that she was not happy about these occurrences and that she meant to get to the bottom of the
problem. Yea Barbara, thanks for your efforts!!!

VA&R: Chairman Libby Moss reported she and Jane had shopped for the VA Carnival and spent $262.07 and she had it all
organized in the trunk of her car. Members will leave the Post at 7:45AM on Friday October 6. Members volunteering to go were:
Betty Smith, Jane Norton, Josephine Dye, Edie Owston and Libby Moss. James Patterson will drive the 40&8 Train and Sue
Patterson will ride with him.

Chair Libby announced the Dept. President’s Project: purchasing big TVs, $5000-$6000 each for all 4 VA Hospital wreck rooms for
therapy. Barbara McAdams made the motion that our Unit donated $200.00 from the Unit VA Fund for this project. It was seconded
by Debbie Howell and carried unanimously on the floor.

Lastly Chair Libby reported of the need for the Dept. to purchase 2 new flag poles and 1 case. The money, $50.00, was donated out
of the General Fund to send to Dept. The Unit 19 Secretary would like to apologize to the Unit for not noting who made this motion.

Correspondence: Secretary Gail read 5 pieces of correspondence: 1) Thank you card from Karsyn McCanless thanking the Unit
for the opportunity to go to Girls State 2) Thank you card to Julia Pettus for the Gold Star card that was send to Betty Kennedy 3)
Thank You card from Janet F. Smith, Ph.D., President, CSCC for setting up the new Unit 19 American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship.
4) Thank you card from Bethany Lay, CSCC Foundation for the $2500.00 to establish the Unit 19 American Legion Auxiliary
Scholarship. 5) Thank you card from Daryl JW Mackin, founder and Ex. Director, A Soldier’s Child Foundation, for the Unit’s donation
of $150.00.

Old Business: None reported

New Business: Velma Myatt transferred from her Dixon Unit to Unit 19. Yea Velma, so very glad to have you with us at Unit 19.
Unit 19 member Sue Patterson invited the Unit to a Ham Breakfast at her Church, Saturday at Riverside United Methodist Church.
Thanks Sue.

The small pot was won by Charlotte Connors, $5.62, and donated to Girls State.

The large pot was missed by Dot Sowell, not present.

The large pot will be $100.00 next month. Ladies, if you want to win, you have to be present.

Chaplain Jo Dye gave the Prayer for Peace.

President, Pam Brown adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be held, November 7, 2017 at 6:30PM following dinner at 6:00

Respectfully Submitted and for God and Country, Gail Gilliam, Unit 19 Secretary