American Legion Auxiliary
Herbert Griffin Unit 19
Columbia, Tennessee
Auxiliary Minutes

The minutes of each Auxiliary meeting will be posted to this web site when available.  This will enable those members unable to
attend the meetings to stay current with Unit 19 activities.

                                       ALA Minutes from APRIL 2018

The Herbert Griffin American Legion Auxiliary met April 2, 2019 at 6:30 PM with 6 officers and 5 members, 1 junior member, Grace
Dodson and 5 guests: Lisa, Jason, Andee and Molly Kelley and Laura Parks present. Vice President Debbie Howell standing in for
President Pam Brown who is in the hospital, called the meeting to order, prayer was given by Chaplain Cheryl Craig. The Pledge of
Allegiance and Preamble were recited by all members. We did not sing.

This month the program was Children and Youth and Public Relations but instead the 2019-2020 Poppy Queen was crowned. This
Program is presented at the April meeting so that the new Poppy Queen will be able to ride in the Columbia Mule Day Parade. The
Unit 19 2018-2019 Poppy Queen Grace Dodson was present to crown Molly Kelley. Molly is the Granddaughter of Unit 19 member
Libby Moss, the daughter of member Lisa Kelley, the sister of former Poppy Queen Andee Kelley and the niece of member Laura
Parks. Way to go Molly. You’ll be a great Queen for Unit 19.

After the crowning of PQ Molly, former PQ Grace expressed her gratitude for her year to Unit 19 as their PQ.

As well as the Poppy Program, Cory Cummins, CSCC and Dianne Burgess presented a program that CSCC would like to promote
for The Library of Congress. All Maury County Veterans are encouraged to get in touch with CSCC and to have their military service
during war time documented. They may do so by calling Cory: 931-436-4662 or on the CSCC website. Also, Massey Holt: 931-540-

The Unit 19 Charter was draped for long time Gold Star member Betty Kennedy. This was performed with dignity and honor by Vice
President Debbie Howell, in the absence of President Pam Brown and Chaplain Cheryl Craig.

The minutes prepared by Unit 19 member Secretary Gail Gilliam were approved as they appear on the Legion 19 website. The
motion was made by Jane Norton and seconded by Edie Owston and carried on the floor. Paper copies were made and given to
those members who do not own computers.

The financial report prepared by Unit 19 Treasurer Libby Moss was approved; the motion was made by Cheryl Craig and seconded
by Charlotte Connors and carried on the floor. Paper copies were made and given to members.

Bills for Presentation: There were no bills for presentation.


Americanism: Member Libby Moss presented a new outdoor American flag to Columbia Central High School. Americanism Essay
have started to come in, reported Gail Gilliam.

Auxiliary Emergency Fund
:  $7.50 was collected by Edie Owston.

Cavalcade of Memories: Chairman Barbara McAdams thanked all members who helped make the 100th Birthday Event for the
American Legion such a great success. Way to go Unit 19 and Post 19, the Post looked great!!!

Chaplain: Chaplain Cheryl Craig reported that she had sent Sympathy cards to the family of: Betty Kennedy. Cheryl also sent other
Sympathy cards and visited the sick. Chaplain Cheryl’s phone number is 931-446-4611; please call her if you know of someone in
Unit 19 that need a card

Gail Gilliam reported that Post 19 Eddie Rogers gave Unit 19 his phone number: 931-477-5410, for Grief Support. His card is on the
credenza if anyone should need his help.

Children and Youth: No report

Community Service:  No report

Harvest Share suggested bringing: tuna and tuna helper, pasta and pasta sauces, romaine noodles and rice and dried pinto beans.
Gail Gilliam reported on the programs that Harvest Share services for Columbia: 1) provide 180 back packs a month to elementary
schools that are not helped by churches, etc. 2) every 2nd Thursday from 11:00-12:00 is Senior Day (68+) 3) every 4th Thursday from
11:30-12:30 is Medical Day ( those with a serious long term illness). There are stipulations for these programs. Please call Donna at
931-446-6100 for assistance.

Constitution and By-Laws: No report.

Education: No report as President Pam is in the hospital.

Chair Jane Norton reported on April 4 there will be an auction at Post 19 and Unit 19 will be selling white beans and corn
bread and hot dogs and chips and for dessert, brownies. Also, on April 20, the estate sale (auction) of Betty Derryberry will be held at
Post 19 and snacks will be sold by Unit 19.

Chair Jane also announced a Spaghetti Supper will be held on April 26, Friday. She is expecting members to donate desserts.
Members need to come out in full force to help Jane with these projects.

Girls State: Co Chairman Debbie Howell thank all members who helped with the Girls State interviews and reminded everyone
about the Unit 19 VGS tea held on May 5 from 2-4 PM at the Post. Debbie needs veggies, fruit and dessert for this occasion, please
do your part. She also needs help setting up on Saturday.

There is a complete listing of the current young ladies scheduled to go to VGS and the Alternates attached to the minutes.

Gold Star: No report

History: no report

Junior Activities: no report

Leadership: At this time the Unit decided to nominate officers for 2019-2020. These ladies will be sworn in at the May meeting. This
was made into a motion to accept these nominees by Barbara McAdams and seconded by Libby Moss and carried on the floor.

President: Charlotte Connors
Vice President: Jane Norton
Secretary: Gail Gilliam
Treasurer: Libby Moss
Chaplain: Barbara McAdams
Historian: Joanne Ring
Sgt at Arms: Sue Patterson

Legislation: Chair Gail Gilliam reported on: Funding for VA programs increases by $7.1 billion. Chair Gail also reported on The Let
Everyone Get Involved in Opportunities for National Service Act (Legion Act) S 504. This bi-partisan effort was introduced to the
Senate on Feb.14. And finally Chair Gail reported that the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act of 2019 has been reintroduced in
the U.S. House of Representatives. It did not pass through the House and Senate for the 115th Congress. We need to get this
passed and get these Navy military some help with Agent Orange. Because of time management of the meeting, all of these
documents were hurriedly read but copies are included in the minutes in the Unit 19 Files.

National Security: Chairman Anita Jo Foster was absent.

Membership: Chairman Libby Moss reported that our Unit is at 75%.

Past Presidents Parley: no report

Poppy: Chairman Gail Gilliam reported that Poppy Queen Grace was present and helped with the 100th American Legion Birthday
Event at Post 19.

And of note: Molly Kelley was crowned 2019-2020 Unit 19 Poppy Queen. Details are posted in the Program segment.

Public Relations: No report at this time.

VA&R: Chairman Libby asked that the Unit cover the expenses ($24.55) for 3 QOV quilts to be sent to North Carolina to be quilted
by a long arm quilter. Jane Norton made the motion to refund Libby from Unit 19 Veterans Fund and Edie Owston seconded the
motion and it carried on the floor.

Chair Libby reported about a young man from Marsha Blackburn’s office that was interested in finding funds to help pay for the long
arm quilting. Also Local Assessor, Bobby Daniels (Post 19 member) expressed interest in the Unit QOV Program. Both of these
gentlemen were present at the 100th Birthday Event and spoke with Chair Libby about this wonderful program. Thanks to Libby for
getting us involved!!! Let’s all get to quilting soon.

Correspondence: There was no correspondence to report.

Old Business:  Nothing

New Business:

The small pot was won by Debbie Howell, $3.75 and donated to Unit 19 VGS.

The large pot was missed by Lucille Leach, not present. The large pot will be $100.00 next month. Ladies, if you want to win, you
have to be present.

Chaplin Cheryl gave the Prayer for Peace. Vice President Debbie Howell in the absence of President Pam Brown adjourned the

The next meeting will be held, May 7, 2019 at 6:30PM following dinner at 6:00 PM.

Respectfully Submitted and for God and Country, Gail Gilliam, Unit 19 Secretary