American Legion Auxiliary
Herbert Griffin Unit 19
Columbia, Tennessee
Auxiliary Minutes

The minutes of each Auxiliary meeting will be posted to this web site when available.  This will enable those members unable to
attend the meetings to stay current with Unit 19 activities.

                                           ALA Minutes from NOVEMBER 2018

The Herbert Griffin American Legion Auxiliary met November 6, 2018 at 6:30 PM with 6 officers and 8 members and 1 visitor,
Melissa Hines, 7th District ALA President present.  President Pam Brown called the meeting to order, prayer was given by Chaplain
Cheryl Craig. The Pledge of Allegiance and Preamble were recited by all members. We did not sing.

The Unit 19 Charter was draped for deceased members: Adelle Prosser and Catherine Emler in an honorable and dignified manner
by President Pam and Chaplin Cheryl.

This month the program was Past Presidents Parley. Jane Norton was the hostess, as Chairman Past Presidents Parley, for
decorating a lovely table for all of the Unit 19 Past Presidents to have dinner which was complimentary of Unit 19 to honor them for
their service. Chair Jane also presented each Past President with pretty kitchen towels and pot holders and nice note pads. Very
nice Jane.

At this time, Melissa Hine spoke about timely information regarding upcoming information pertinent to the Department: Poppy
orders, Membership dues and methods of retaining and adding new members, Mid-Winter Conference and Luncheon and reminding
the Unit that the MW reports must be sent no later than December 1. Unit 19 was pleased to have Melissa visit.
President Pam also added that she hoped that every member had voted.

The minutes prepared by Unit 19 Secretary Gail Gilliam were approved; the motion was made by Jane Norton and seconded by
Charlotte Connors and carried on the floor. Paper copies were made and given to those members who do not own computers.
The financial report prepared by Unit 19 Treasurer Libby Moss was approved; the motion was made by Jane Norton and seconded
by Anita Jo Foster and carried on the floor. This approval was for the last 2 months of financial reports as Treasurer Libby was
absent with her hip replacement. Libby the Unit is glad you are back with us!!!

Bills for Presentation: There were no bills for presentation.


Americanism: Gail Gilliam reported that she has received all important specifics concerning the AEC and she can now prepare an
informative letter to the schools in Maury County giving their students the opportunity to participate.

There was good discussion regarding the building of 2 new schools in MC and Barbara McAdams shared the idea that Unit 19
provides their class rooms with American Flags. Historically, Unit 19 has always donated classroom Flags to local schools and
members were on board with this suggestion. Member Debbie Howell agreed to investigate the progress of these schools’
construction so that in a timely manner, the Unit will be ready for purchase and presentation of the Flags.

Later in the meeting, member Libby Moss reported that she had presented a Blue Star Service Banner to Tom and Janet Horvath
whose son, Jonathon is an Army medic paratrooper and deployed.

Auxiliary Emergency Fund:  $10.00 was collected by Edie Owston.

Cavalcade of Memories: no report at this time but, Barbara McAdams announced that she would like to take this chairmanship.
Thank you Barbara.

Chaplain: Chaplain Cheryl Craig sent Sympathy cards to the families of Adelle Prosser and Catherine Emler. Chaplin Cheryl also
sent a Sympathy card to Anne Syszlo for the passing of Anne’s Mother.

Chaplain Cheryl’s phone number is 931-446-4611; please call her if you know of someone in Unit 19 that needs a card.

Gail Gilliam reported that Post 19 Eddie Rogers gave Unit 19 his phone number: 931-477-5410, for Grief Support. His card is on the
credenza if anyone should need his help.

Children and Youth: President Pam brought in a “piggy” for Child Welfare for members to place their extra pocket change for Child
Welfare. Ladies lets please get on board with this please.

Community Service:  No one has stepped up to become Chairman of this program as of this time but, President Pam asked that
everyone please keep up with their CS hours. Pres. Pam reported that she, Jane Norton and Anita Jo Foster had delivered the
Peanut Butter and Jelly that the Unit had collected for the children of Columbia to Harvest Share.

Harvest Share suggested bringing: tuna and tuna helper, pasta and pasta sauces, romine noodles and rice and dried pinto beans.
Gail Gilliam reported on the programs that Harvest Share services for Columbia: 1) provide 180 back packs a month to elementary
schools that are not helped by churches, etc. 2) every 2nd Thursday from 11:00-12:00 is Senior Day (68+) 3) every 4th Thursday from
11:30-12:30 is Medical Day ( those with a serious long term illness). There are stipulations for these programs. Please call Donna at
931-446-6100 for assistance.

Constitution and By-Laws: no report. No one has stepped up to be Chairman of this program as of this time.

Education: Chair Pam Brown reported that she would need money to prepare fruit trays for “American Education Week” and would
deliver them before the Thanksgiving Break.

Gail Gilliam made the motion that the Unit gives Pam $100.00 to buy fruit, etc. for AEW, Charlotte Connors seconded the motion and
it carried on the floor.

Finance: Chair Jane Norton thanked everyone who helped with the Spaghetti Supper and the 7th District Men’s Supper. There was
sad discussion regarding the low attendance at the Men’s Supper. Jane and several members discussed how frustrating it is to
purchase and prepare food when there is never an accurate report of how many people will be attending. She shared an idea that the
Post shop for the food and then let Unit 19 prepare it for these types of functions. Also, it was also agreed that members attending
should pay in advance.

Chair Jane reported the Unit made $1070.00 on the Spaghetti Supper and $250.00 on her class reunion.

Chair Jane reported that the Veterans Day White Bean Lunch would be on Sunday November 11 and she would need help with this
on Saturday and Sunday and that the Unit would be providing the desserts.

At this time, Gail Gilliam suggested that since October and half of November are so congested with Auxiliary activities that MAYBE
next year the Unit could do the Spaghetti Supper in September. There are so many members that cannot help anymore and the
responsibilities fall on the same few that do everything. It makes it very tiring on these few that have responsibilities outside of the
Auxiliary that are also important like family,etc.

Girls State
: no report

Gold Star: Chair Anita Jo Foster sent Sympathy cards to the families of Adelle Prosser and Catherine Emler.

History: no report

Junior Activities:
no report

Leadership: President Pam had nothing to report at this time
Legislation: Chair Gail Gilliam reported the “American Legion Magazine” had a list of select Resolutions of the 100th National
Convention on page 38 in their November edition. A detailed copy of this report will be attached to the November minutes in the Unit
19 file.

Chair Gail also expressed wishes that all members had voted.

National Security: Chairman Anita Jo Foster reported the Unit had sent $6102.32 in coupons to South Korea at a cost of $8.75 to the

Membership:  no report

Past Presidents Parley: no report, but Jane provided the nice dinner arrangements.

Poppy: Chairman Gail Gilliam reported she was getting things under way for Poppy Queen Grace to ride in the Christmas Parade
which will take place on December 3 at 7PM.

Public Relations: no report but Anita Jo Foster had talked with retired Daily Herald employee, Marvine Sugg, and discovered that
the DH is no longer a community paper. Maybe this is the problem getting our articles printed??? Members please post your
activities on Unit 19 Face book page, this can be used for Public Relations.

VA&R: Chair Libby gave Jane the floor to announce the Veterans’ Lunch at Post 19 on Sunday at 12:00 with white beans, cold slaw,
hot slaw and cornbread. The Unit will provide desserts.

The date of the York Christmas Party is December 8.

Correspondence: Secretary Gail reported 2 correspondences: Thank you for Harvest Share for the Peanut Butter and Jelly and the
VA for Unit 19’s support and attendance at the VA Carnival.

Libby Moss reported a thank you card from BSA Pack 102 for her donation of $50.00 for popcorn to be sent to troops.

Old Business: Treasurer Libby announced that she wanted to make a motion to send $500.00 to CSCC for the Unit 19 Auxiliary

Scholarship, Debbie Howell seconded the motion and it carried on the floor.

New Business: Joanne Ring reported that the Rotary Club will be providing lights for the Pavilion at the River Walk soon. These will
be changing in color from time to time to accommodate seasonal and monthly revelry. This is super Joanne, great idea and thanks to
you and the Rotary.

The small pot was won by Holly McAdams (Barbara McAdams), $3.00 and donated to Child Welfare.

The large pot was missed by Barbara Westmorland, not present. The large pot will be $100.00 next month. Ladies, if you want to win,
you have to be present.

Chaplin Cheryl gave the Prayer for Peace. President Pam Brown adjourned the meeting. The next meeting will be held December 4,
2018 at 6:30PM following dinner at 6:00 PM.

Respectfully Submitted and for God and Country, Gail Gilliam, Unit 19 Secretary